November 11, 2022 Athens GR

Today was our last day with François on this trip. We were both up early and did the final clean up and draining of all of the water on François on the off chance it freezes in Athens. We were ready to go about 9:30 so we decided to head out, Ton wouldn’t let me leave until she got out and made sure that all of our cat Pride were clear of François before I could move.

These two were Tons favorites, they loved sitting on our step stool.

The trip over to the storage was quick and easy, and the folks running Clio storage were prepared to take us in. They ran us over to the taxi stand at a near by subway station and arranged a taxi to take us to our hotel in downtown. Driving to the hotel thru the center of Athens convinced me I made a good decision leaving François out by the airport.

The view from our hotel room is not too impressive.

After settling in at the hotel and having a light lunch we decided to head down towards the Acropolis for a quick recon of the sites before spending the next couple of days exploring the city in depth. Our initial impression was based on a very busy and loud 6 lane avenue we followed most of the way to the Parthenon area. It lacked charm and the building outside of the historical center were mostly 5 and 6 story concrete blocks that are totally uninspiring.

The stage of the theater near the Acropolis. One of the areas we will explore in depth later.

After poking around for a while and getting oriented on the sites we headed back to the hotel. The boulevard was even busier than earlier as it was now rush hour. We were even less charmed, Ton remarked that when she visited Athens in college she remembered it being a lot more intimate than now. She may have been more disappointed than me.

A cool bakery near the hotel. This is the kind of place we were expecting not the busy commercial road we found.

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