November 14, 2022 Amstredam NE

Today we left Athens for Amsterdam. Everything worked exactly as it was supposed to. The highlight of the day was our taxi ride to the airport. The driver was fascinating as he had played in the highest division of the Greek basketball league for over 10 years. He had some very interesting stories about his travels and strong opinions about the difference between American basketball philosophy and European basketball philosophy. He much preferred American. He may have been biased though as he was half American. His mother had come to Greece on holiday, where she met his father and never left. Despite having a degree in economics from a good Greek University he drove a taxi because he could make twice as much doing that as working for a big company with his economics degree. He also had very strong views on American politics that we didn’t agree with, but he presented them in a charming way. It was probably the most interesting taxi ride we have ever taken.

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