November 9, 2022 Nea Makri GR

Today is going to be a short entry. We are on the outskirts of Athens in a very “interesting” campground as it is made up of a lot of permanent residents. The manager seems like a nice guy and gave us a warm welcome once we tracked him down. We are at the point in the trip where we are preparing François for storage, and packing. Usually it is the couple of days before we leave, but we decided to do Athens by hotel, so Friday we will be parking François and heading into Athens.

The moon was setting as the sun was rising. This picture is from the front seat of François and taken by the non-photographer in the family.

Our plan in the morning was to spend the day in the campground in Delphi as it is really beautiful and quiet, but we wanted to give François a good bath. Usually we use a self service pressure washer like you see in the US, but apparently these do not exist in Greece. In Greece you hire someone to hand wash your car. The owners of the campground gave us two options for manual washes. When we arrived they both said we were too big. One recommended a place that does large vehicles but we could not find it. Finally we decided to fill François up with expensive Greek diesel, while we were filling I mentioned our desire to wash François to the attendant and he told me that the business next store washed cars and even walked me out to the road to show us where it was. Unfortunately he was too busy, on the way back to the campground I proposed we head towards Athens as it was still early and there was not much we could accomplish in Delphi except to enjoy the magnificent view and take care of our pride of cats. So that is how we ended up in Nea Makri tonight.

Our pride of cats feasting on leftovers from breakfast.

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