September 27, 2022 Salzburg AU

Today was another long driving day in bad weather. All together we covered nearly 400km’s (around 250 miles). The trip was all on the autobahn. The only issue today was it rained pretty much all day, sometimes heavily. Despite that we arrived at the Stellplatz (RV park) in Salzburg about 2:00.

We are about 15 to 20 minutes by bus from the center of Salzburg. The debate we had when we arrived was whether to head downtown today or wait for tomorrow. That debate was ended by a sudden downpour that told us to wait for tomorrow. About an hour later the rain let up and we decided to head out to a mall we saw driving in.

What we thought was a mall was a bunch of wholesale stores for different fashion labels. We quickly realized it was not for retail customers, but for buyers. On the way back we noticed two other large building that also contained wholesale shops for clothes. So I guess our non-descript Stellplatz is in the center of the fashion design center for Austria.

We walked back to the Stellplatz, and enjoyed watching the arrivals of a bunch of our fellow RV’ers. It is always fun to watch people arriving and parking their RV’s for the night. Even though it is late September and the weather is pretty poor by 5 o’clock the Stellplatz was full, and people were improvising overflow parking.

Tomorrow we are heading into Salzburg for the day rain or shine. Ton is really looking forward to comparing Austrian potato dumplings with their German cousins!

2 thoughts on “September 27, 2022 Salzburg AU”

  1. Salzburg is our favorite city from our honeymoon. We did tourist things which I know you don’t like. On our “Sound of Music” tour, I had tears in my eyes as we drove through the hills while Sound of Music played on bus speakers.
    One night we found ourselves outside the castle with swans on the Danube and a night full moon lighting all. Magical

    1. We enjoyed Salzburg though the weather was terrible and took some of the fun out of the day. It is a beautiful city. No tours for us, just walking around looking at the sites and dodging rain showers.

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