April 24, 2022, Vendome FR

We were excited because last night when we were walking around town we saw them setting up the market for today. We woke up earlier as the jet lag is finally starting to wear off and headed into town to visit the market. When we got there it turned out to be a swap meet and not a market. We are not swap meet people but decided to take a pass thru to see if swap meets are different in France than the US, and the answer is nope, it is still other peoples junk.

The old city gate to Vendome, on the facade you can see bullet holes from WWII.

Above the town is the remains of a 9th century castle, so we headed up there. The view of the town was nice, but not too spectacular. They did have a pretty garden that we poked around in for a few minutes before heading back into town. By this time it was about 11 am so we decided to take another walk thru the city center to see if any of the restaurants or coffee shops got our attention, but unfortunately none did.

The 9th century castle above the town.

By this time the clouds were threatening a bit so we decided to head back to François for lunch and to make plans for tomorrow. We have three main regions we want to explore this trip, Brittany in France, Galicia in Spain, and the entire country of Portugal. Tomorrow we are heading to Brittany.

The statue to Marshal Rochambeau who helped defeat the British at Yorktown to end the American Revolution.

We spent the rest of the day watching the coming and going of other campers. This is always good entertainment for us. Unlike yesterday where we had the place to ourselves, today there are about 14 other vans here, the majority form the Netherlands.

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