April 26, 2023 Nafplio GR

Today we visited the town of Nafplio which is located a short bus ride from the campsite we are staying at. Nafplio like so many towns in this region has had many rulers during its history. Starting with the ancient Greeks it has subsequently been in the hands of the Romans, Byzantines, Franks (French), Venetians, Ottomans, Venetians (again), Ottomans (again), and was finally captured by the modern Greeks in 1822 and served as the capital of Greece until 1834 when the government was moved to Athens.

A fort in the harbor built by the Venetians.

Despite its impressive history, the town did not make a great first impression on us. After we got off the bus we walked into the old town and wandered around for about an hour and while the streets were nicely paved with marble, on the whole it seemed just another nice port town with nothing striking.

The town is dominated by this fort on a high hill right behind the town. We discussed climbing the 999 steps to see the view, then looked at each other and said never mind.

As we rode in on the bus we saw the market was going on, so we set off to find it. The street markets are always a fun way for us to spend time, Ton is always up for an extended stroll thru the market.

Flowers and fresh vegetables galore at the market.

The market in Nafplio was a good one so we ended up buying some olives, apples, and cucumbers. We would have bought more, but that was all we felt we could carry around for the rest of the day.

A variety of fresh fish on display in the market.

While Ton was shopping I did some more research on the town. I saw a waterfront promenade that was supposed to give good views of the harbor, the fort and the old town and after we finished shopping I proposed we check it out. But, as we were heading there it started to rain so we dove into a coffee shop to wait out the shower.

When it rains here the marble paving reflects like a mirror.

We were on the verge of giving up and heading back to François for the day, when Ton said there was supposed to be a nice restaurant nearby. So we decided to delay our departure and have lunch instead.

A nice street scene on the way to the restaurant.

As we were heading to the restaurant we came upon a road that really charmed us and ended up changing our impression of Nafplio from ho hum to really cool. The street was higher up on the hill and was a little narrower, but was full of interesting buildings that were well maintained and appealing.

This spot is famous as the place where the first president of the Greek government was assassinated in 1832.

As we were walking down this street we noticed a couple of large groups of high school students lingering at a spot in front of us. It turns out the spot is an important place in modern Greek history, where the first president of Greece was assassinated as he left church in 1832.

The back of the church that the president was attending. He was killed about where I am standing in the shadow.

We enjoyed our lunch immensely and tried our a new drink. As we were walking thru the market we kept seeing a drink called Tsipouro on sale. In the market it was being sold in plastic bottles and was very inexpensive. At the restaurant we asked the waiter about it and he gave us the run down. It is an unaged, uncolored brandy. We asked if it was served before the meal or after, and he laughed and said it was for the entire meal. We tried a glass and debated its merits vs the Raki we were always given after our meals on Crete. I landed on Raki, and Ton leaned towards Tsipouro.

Another view of the fort from the promenade near the harbor.

We ended the day by finally doing the waterfront walk that had been interrupted by the rain. In the end we were both grateful for the rain as it made us reconsider Nafplio and turned a not bad day into a very interesting and fun day.

This inscription in Arabic reflects the two periods that Nafplio was ruled by the Ottomans.

2 thoughts on “April 26, 2023 Nafplio GR”

  1. That’s a nice shot of the fort in the harbor. y compliments to the photographer…..Ton.

    I have an interesting bit of French history to share with you. Archaeologists recently found evidence the Franks pushed further into Greek territory than was ever thought before. These over achievers from France were dubbed Frankfurters by the committee on world BS.

    Jim asked “when are you coming home?” She has the Thai chilli pepper for your son and is anxious to pass it along.

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