November 2, 2019 Venice IT

The weather today is very Oregon like; steady rain and high temperatures in the 50’s.  Our plan was to simply head up to Venice and hunker down for the day and wait out the bad weather by planning our time in Venice.  

There are two points to enter Venice conveniently from a camping point of view.  One entry is southwest of the city and the other is east of the city and entails going around the city.  Even though it is less convenient  I chose the east one because it had 6 campgrounds in the vicinity and two of them were listed in my planning app as open year round.  When we arrived the first one informed me that they were closing tomorrow at noon.  The alternative is closed for two weeks for renovations.  So again we were looking for a plan b.  After some thought we are staying in the campground we arrived at for one night, and after confirming that the one southwest of the city we passed 65 kilometers ago is indeed open we will head over there tomorrow and carry on with our plan for two days in Venice.

A soggy windshield shot as that is all we saw today.

We are getting nervous about Italy because it looks like a lot of the campgrounds are shutting down after this weekend, so our travels in Northern Italy may get curtailed, and will certainly take more planning.

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