June 20, 2019 Alzingen LX

We have both wanted to visit Luxembourg on this trip.  We almost swung thru on our way out, but it did not work out.  So last night we decided to head over today.  We left with some light rain and for the last 50 km’s or so we had absolutely torrential rain.  We also ran into our first EU customs check, as Luxembourg was checking all trucks entering the country so the right lane of the freeway was closed so that the police could use it to check the trucks.  This caused a 2 or 3 mile backup as all of the non-commercial traffic squeezed in the left lane.

The Luxembourg flag from the church next to the campground.

When we got to the nice campground on the outskirts of Luxembourg City and checked in, we noticed the throw carpet we put on the floor of François was wet. This is the third time we have had this problem, and each time it has been after driving thru very heavy rain.  While Ton cleaned up, I tried to find a possible source of the water.  We are finding the water right in the center of the cabin, and there are no obvious places for it to come from.  So far no luck, the good news is that it only happens when it rains heavily, and it is not an enormous amount of water.  We will keep you posted.

A picture from a memorial to three American soldiers who were killed when their tank fell thru the bridge in the village while they were liberating it.  

Since we started on a clean up, because of the mystery leak we decided to also take care of washing the sheets towels and everything we leave behind.  We were planning on doing it on Saturday, but since the campground had good German Washing Machines and Dryers and Ton was on a roll we decided to do it today.

The ruins of an old castle near the campground.

Since not much happened today I will share one weird story from the trip.  When we entered Germany way back on May 9 the campground we were staying at had one of those take one leave one libraries.  All but one of the books were in German, but the one book in English looked interesting to me so I took it.  It was Michael Palins diary from 1970-1979 of his years with Monty Python.  It was a pretty thick book and it became my night time reading.  I was reading the last twenty pages of it in early June when I noticed the  campground we were staying in in Lubeck also had a take one leave one library.  It was  the first one I had noticed since I had gotten the Palin diary, and I was shocked to see  the next volume of Michael Palins diary from 1980 to 1989 amongst all the German books there.  It seems I have been following a fellow Michael Palin fan around Germany and we read at about the same pace.  

The two volumes of Michael Palin diaries found in two campground take one leave one libraries over 400 miles apart in Germany.

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