June 21 2019 Luxembourg LX

Luxembourg City is a beautiful city, but for now it is also a giant construction project.  At nearly every point we turned there is a building going up, or a road being widened or paved.  We even ran into a small side loader when climbing a trail from the lower city to the upper city.  On top of the construction they were setting up for the national day celebration so where construction was not going on there were crowd control fences and stages being built for the party.  While we do not think this is normal, it was probably the hardest city to walk in we have seen in Europe.

Some of the old fortifications and bridges above the Aizette River.

Most of the city is on the bluffs of the Aizette River.  The river passes thru the city in a gorge a couple of hundred feet below the city.  There is a section of the city at the bottom of the bluff called Grun.  We spent most of the day down there wandering around the old streets and messing around in the ramparts of the old fort.  We could see it is a beautiful city when it is not being dug up in mass.

The Grun district in the valley below the city center.  Ton had to work hard to get a picture with only one construction crane in it.

We had lunch in a restaurant in the Grun where we tried the national dish of Luxembourg called Judd Mat Gaardebounen when it arrived at the table it came in a cauldron.  It is pork neck soaked in brine with white beans, definitely peasant food.  It was filling.  Having eaten peasant food for our main course we decided to go to the official patisserie of the Duke and Duchess of Luxembourg for desert.  We had a nice cheese cake, and chocolate nougat for desert.  So we had a peasant dinner and an aristocratic desert.

Ham and beans our traditional Luxembourg peasant lunch.
Our desert fit for a Duke.

When we returned for the night there was an outdoor concert taking place.   So we wandered over with some of our Duchesse de Bourgogne beer and listened to the Moselle Valley Brass Band until it was time to turn in for the night.

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