May 26, 2021 Junction TX

We knew as we lingered in New Mexico that we were going to have to cover a lot of miles in one day at some point. So we decided today was the day to get that out of the way. We jumped across West Texas covering 550 miles today almost all on I-10. As long days go it was not too bad, traffic was reasonable and the weather was mild. West Texas looked pretty empty and dry, it is not the most visited part of the state, but I am sure if we had more time we could find a lot of interesting things to do there

The pecan orchard next to our campsite for the night. If you look very closely in the back center of the photo are two deer.

We are now in what is called the hill country of Texas as our neighbors told us. Originally I had a place in mind that sounded reasonable but bare bones. The more we talked about it we decided to see if there were any alternatives. Ton came up with a place called Pecan Valley RV park. It is a beautiful place located on a Pecan Orchard next to the Llanos River. When we arrived the owners met us and showed us to our spot, they offered us some candied pecans to sample and told us they had more for sale if we were interested, we now have a pound. The owners have free range chickens running around and goats penned. They have a couple of deer feeders on site that somehow dispatches food for the deer at a set time. The deer are now well trained to show up at 5pm and 6pm for their evening feedings.

Some of the deer who came into the campground for their evening feed. The two in the foreground were much more interested in munching on the bush by the downed tree than whatever the feeder was giving.

After a long day we sat down with a beer and had our dinner while watching 16 deer grazing and gamboling around 100 yards from scout. It was a great end to a long day of driving.

Ton liked this Texas shaped and sized barbeque.

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