May 29, 2021 Austin TX

Today we had a nice tour of Austin. Our friends Supachai and Pae spent the day taking us around town. We visited the local “yacht club” which is located on a reservoir in the hills above Austin. It is quite a drop down to the reservoir and the yacht club has installed a funicular to help you get up and down. The boats are not quite up to what we saw in Monaco, but there were some nice ones.

Part of the brewery complex.

Our next stop was lunch at the largest brewery I have ever seen. They say everything is bigger in Texas, and in the case of this brewery I will have to agree. Ton and I split a hamburger and tried a beer. They were both excellent. The place was very crowded. The local High Schools are having there graduations this weekend and there were a number of families with the graduates in their robes there for a celebratory meal.

Both of the breweries we have visited have had re-purposed Airstreams. The first brewery had converted theirs into a bathroom, this one had been converted to a mobile beer dispenser.

We decided to take a siesta for the afternoon which allowed me to watch Chelsea beat Man City in the Champions League final. Unfortunately, the game was a little boring from a neutral perspective, though I suspect the fans of Chelsea and Man City were on pins and needles.

Gulf of Mexico oysters on the half shell with your choice of American or Thai sauce to flavor them.

Supachai suggested a Thai/American seafood fusion restaurant for dinner. It was excellent and the owner has done a good job of merging the two foods without compromising on the flavors. The somtum (papaya salad) was excellent and authentic to the Thai tastes.

The back of the state capitol building.

After dinner we headed to downtown Austin to experience the nightlife. We started by taking a walk around the state capitol grounds. It is one of the larger state capitols befitting the size of Texas. The building is built of a pink granite and silhouetted against the sunset was quite beautiful. The amount of security around the doors to the building was striking though the grounds remained open to the public.

6th street in Austin just as the police were closing it to traffic to allow it to become a pedestrian zone.

Our last stop for the evening was 6th street which is where the younger crowd goes for nightlife. It is a four block area with over 40 bars featuring all kinds of live music. We arrived just as the police were putting up barriers to close the street and convert it to pedestrian only. We were going to go in to one of the bars, but Ton had left her purse at home and did not have an ID to prove she was 21 so we could not get in anywhere!

The most striking thing today was the crowds. This is the first post covid shot holiday and people are returning to normal behavior. The crowds downtown were dense and no one was making an attempt to social distance. Some people were wearing masks outside but they were in a distinct minority.

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