April 25, 2015 Sequoia NP

Today we planned to move on to Kings Canyon NP, but in keeping with our history with Scout we woke up to snow.  We decided to push on anyway and drove thru a mixture of snow and rain to Kings Canyon.  When we arrived we stopped to see the status of the roads and were told that the first couple of miles were snow covered, but after that it would be ok as we descended into the canyon.  So we decided to move on, within the first mile we came across 2 cars that had slid off the road, but Scout was tracking with no problem.

The road into Kings Canyon.

As we descended into the canyon we did not regret our decision as the scenery was spectacular and the mist and the snow cut the visibility but made what we did see was  really beautiful.  After driving to the end of the road in Kings Canyon we returned to the visitor center at Grants Grove.  As we were pulling in the snow plows were arriving which made things easier.  When we got to the trailhead for the Grant Tree we were met by a volunteer who was going to lead a Ranger talk.  The Rangers were all busy dealing with a bus that had slid off the road, no one was hurt, but they had a bus load of kids who needed to be entertained.  So we had a personal guided tour of the Grant tree which was really nice.

At this point we decided to grab a spot in the campground and hunker down and watch the snow.

We were caught in an unexpected winter storm.

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