November 5, 2017 Pacific Coast Highway CA

Ron was very excited as we were going to take one of his favorite drives, the Big Sur.  The plan was to drive down to the point were the road is closed.  Last winter a giant land slide took out a large part of the road so at this point you drive down about 60 miles along the coast until the road is closed.  It is a wonderful road with incredible views.  We also intended to visit San Simeon to look at the Elephant Seal colony that has taken up residence there.

The weather was perfect, and probably because of the closure traffic was light.  Big Sur lived up to Ron’s expectations though he was worried that Noi and Dang were not impressed.  Ton assured him that Dang thought it was great, Noi slept a lot of the way.  The detour was a one and a half lane road over the mountains and thru Fort Hunter-Ligget.  It was a tough drive, but fortunately we had abandoned Elephant in Monterey and took a rental car for the day.  Ron enjoyed the challenge of the road, and everyone else endured.

Part of the Big Sur along PCH,

On our way into San Simeon we passed thru Paso Robles.  We decided to stop for lunch at Doce Robles winery. Ton, Dang, and Ron split a bottle of wine with lunch which perked everyone up.  We headed to San Simeon where the juvenile elephant seals were in residence, both the adult males and females are off in Alaska.  They are still an amazing site and worth a visit if you are in the area.

Juvenile Elephant Seals play fighting.

We ended the night with a great dinner at Monterey Fish House.  This was our farewell dinner as tomorrow we are splitting up, with Ron and Ton heading to Oregon, and Dang and Noi heading home to Thailand.  We all enjoyed ourselves tremendously as the food was outstanding, and even Noi enjoyed a little wine.  If you are in Monterey I highly recommend the Monterey Fish House.

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