June 11, 2021 Camp Hale CO

We had some time before we could arrive at Camp Hale for the Tiger Rally, so we arranged to meet Rick and Kathy at the Safeway in Leadville at noon and headed into town to check things out.

The main street in Leadville with two Tigers parked and contributing to the local economy.

We wanted to spend a little more time walking the main street as Leadville is a charming town, and we felt it deserved some more of our attention. Ton was working her way up the street peaking into little shops with me in tow when we came upon Melanzana Outdoor Clothing. We stuck our head in to see what it was all about and were surprised to see that not only was it a store, but also the manufacturing site for the company. Ton is now the proud owner of a hoodie and a very nice running jacket manufactured in Leadville.

Rick and Kathy Howell posing in front of their extremely well traveled Tiger La Tortuga.

After a quick run thru Safeway to top off the fridge we followed Rick and Kathy out to Camp Hale to join the rally. We were very fortunate to be able to join up with Rick and Kathy as they were one of our main inspirations for our purchase of Scout and traveling around Europe in Francois. They have visited 5 continents and over 65 countries in their Tiger RV. Their blog, travelintortuga.com is a great read and I admire the guts and the perseverance they show as they navigate around the world. They kindly took us under their wing for this weekend and we really appreciate it.

The Tiger Rally is an annual gathering of owners of RV’s like Scout. Tigers have been produced since the late 80’s and the rally promised to have examples of nearly every type of Tiger ever produced. I was interested to see the different variations of the Tiger and to meet people who are traveling in ways similar to ourselves.

Cory and Ovi new friends we met at the Tiger Rally.

After we arrived at the rally and picked a place Rick came over and told Ton and me he wanted to introduce us to a couple he had been corresponding with over the last couple of months who he thought we would like. Cory and Ovi are sailors who have been traveling the world for years by boat. Their boat is currently in Montenegro, and like us they can’t get to it because of Covid. Cory and Ton immediately hit it off like long lost friends. Ovi and I also found we had similar views on traveling and life. Rick was absolutely right that we like them, so once again we owe Rick and Kathy for introducing us to new friends.

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