June 12, 2021 Camp Hale CO

A big part of the Tiger Rally are classes to help Tiger owners improve their RV’s. Today Rick and Denise gave a presentation on their travels in Europe over 5 1/2 years in their Tiger. Fred gave a class on how to improve the electrical systems on the Tigers and the basics of RV electrical systems. Meanwhile Ovi’s extraordinary talent gained thru years of refurbishing sailboats was in high demand. He ran from Tiger to Tiger showing owners how to practically improve their systems, and frequently pitching in and fixing something.

A group gathered for one of the many classes at the Tiger Rally.

Ton and Cory spent a lot of the day continuing to develop their friendship and setting off on tours of other Tigers, as well as showing people around their Tigers. At first they were both reluctant to have people in their Tigers and by the end of the day were happily giving tours to whoever showed up.

The beautiful waterfall near the Tiger Rally. Ovi swore standing under it would be medically beneficial as long as you can stand immersion in 35 degree water!

In the afternoon Ovi took a well deserved break to go on a hike with Ton and Cory and me to a waterfall we had heard about. The distance was unclear as everyone had a different opinion, but after a 40 minute hike with a decent climb we came upon the waterfall and it was beautiful and more impressive than I expected.

Rick and Kathy’s heater had died during the previous night and Ovi and another attendee named Garret decided to pitch in and see if they could help Rick get it working. Despite several hours of intense work it appears that the problem is electronic and not fixable in a field even by people of their talents.

While Rick, Ovi and Garret where tackling the heater, and I was standing around admiring them and feeling useless, Kathy, Cory, and Ton had repaired to Scout where they continued to forge their friendship. They had a wonderful time together and at the end of the night Kathy declared them the three musketeers. When Ovi and I went over to break them up because we were cold, they almost threw us out, but finally after vowing to find Sally in the morning (an inside joke that caused howls of laughter between them) everyone headed to their Tiger to get some sleep. Like Rick said if things never go wrong you do not have good stories to tell later.

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