June 13, 2021 Camp Hale CO

The first thing in the morning I saw Ovi and asked him if he had gotten his therapeutic massage at the waterfall. He laughed and said he got in to about his knees and the water was so cold that his feet and legs felt like thousands of needles were sticking him so no. He did get a good run in though.

Today Fred, Rick and Kathy were teaching classes again, and Ovi continued his Tiger consulting business, so once again I felt inferior. One couple did want to talk to me about our approach to RV’ing in Europe so I did not feel completely useless.

The three musketeers of Colorado looking for mischief.

The three musketeers continued having a great time when they were not busy showing off their Tigers. Kathy was of course the busiest of the three as she is well known in Tiger circles.

The day ended with us all on the spur of the moment gathering at Denise and Fred’s truck for some Sangria, and wine. Travel tales were being told, as well as stories of our checkered past. Denise announced that we needed to eat before the effects of the altitude and the alcohol incapacitated us. She said she had the beginning of fajitas, Ton and Cory kicked in some more ingredients, everyone got to work (everyone being Denise, Fred, Ton and Cory, the rest of us guarded the wine) and in about a half hour fajitas were served. Thanks Denise it was a memorable meal and a wonderful evening.

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