June 14, 2021 Colorado National Monument CO

We got off to a very late start as no one wanted to be the first to leave. After multiple good byes and vows to visit each other in the near future, everyone but us were off to Leadville for a couple of days rest after an eventful weekend. We were tempted to stay another night but need to be in Las Vegas on Wednesday to see our son Alex.

The drive over to the Colorado National Monument was relatively short and uneventful. The west is undergoing record heat and when we arrived at the monument there were red flag warnings as even at 7000 feet the temperatures were 100 degrees.

4th of July pinnacle. This is a popular rock climbing route. The tradition is to climb the rock on the 4th and plant an American Flag each year.

The rim drive around the monument was very pretty. We are spoiled for natural beauty in the west, and the park service delivers so many wonderful places that we tend to almost take them for granted. The signage in the pull outs explaining the formation of all of the different types of rock formation as well as the history of the area was as always very well done and enhanced the natural beauty of the area. If you are in the area it is definitely worth a visit, even if it is only a hour or two diversion off of the interstate.

A view from near the campground.

We arrived at the campground around 5pm and it was 98 degrees with a little light wind. We had not reserved a site so we were left with one without much shade. We opened all of the windows, turned on the fantastic fan and sat real still trying not to sweat. The good thing about the desert is that as soon as the sun sets the temperature drops pretty fast. So by the time we are going to sleep the temperature inside should be bearable.

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