June 5, 2021 Colorado Springs CO

The last few days have been focused on Canyons. So when Tak and To suggested we visit the Royal Gorge we were up for it. The Royal Gorge is formed by the Arkansas River and is about 1200 feet deep but very narrow, in some places as narrow as 50 feet at the base and only 300 feet across at the top. The local town has developed a tourist spot at one of the more scenic spots. It is pretty comprehensive with relatively mild attractions like a tramway and a very high suspension bridge, to thrill seeking attractions such as a zip line across the canyon and a human catapult that shoots you out into the canyon on giant rubber bands.

The suspension bridge across the Royal Gorge. A sightseeing train runs on the track below next to the Arkansas River.

We opted for the mild attraction of the tramway and a walk across the bridge. The tramway took about three minutes to cross the gorge, but it was enough for me as I am not too fond of heights. Ton was too focused on taking pictures to get nervous, and was a little surprised when we got to the end.

The tramway near the center of the gorge.

Once on the other side we watched the more adventurous people do the zip line across. You are strapped onto a carrier in a sitting position, and after you are released you go across the canyon at a pretty good speed. The other ride for the adventurous is a catapult that shoots you out into the canyon. It will hold two people, and everyone who took the ride screamed. Our favorite line from the day was hearing a girls voice telling the person next to her to “open your eyes” as they bounced back and forth over a 1000 foot canyon on a giant rubberband.

The giant catapult that launches people out over the Royal Gorge. Definitely not for the faint of heart.

We recrossed the gorge on the decidedly unexciting suspension bridge. But it was enough for us, as it had a little bit of movement, and the floor of the bridge was wooden planks, with occasional small gaps that you could look down into the gorge thru. It was plenty of excitement for us. It is one of the highest suspension bridges in North America and the views of the gorge were spectacular.

The suspension bridge across Royal Gorge.

After the excitement of Royal Gorge we headed out for a nice lunch at a Catholic Abby nearby that also produced wine. Getting in was a little complicated by Covid Rules, but once in we had a nice relaxing lunch while enjoying the monks wine. In Thailand when you donate food or money to a monk it is called “making merit”, so today we decided that by purchasing the monks product we were supporting the monks and it counted as “making merit”.

The product of Holy Cross Abby.

Later we joined Tak and To as they took Timber the labradoodle to a local dog park. Being dog lovers, but not owners we enjoyed watching the dogs play with each other. Timber took his fun a little too far when he found a large mud puddle and decided that was more fun than other dogs. By the time To coaxed him out of the puddle he was thoroughly soaked and a little muddy, but quite happy and obviously proud of himself.

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