June 9-10 Leadville CO

We spent the 9th preparing to get back on the road. In the morning we went out to fill Scouts refrigerator and made another Costco run. Tak and To continued their great hospitality by taking us out to a last dinner at a Korean restaurant as well as visiting another brewery.

Thank you Tak and To for a wonderful visit to Colorado.

Today we were up pretty early as it was time to head out from Tak and To’s place. They have been incredible hosts and we really appreciate them putting us up and showing us Colorado Springs. It was a great visit.

US-24 may not be an official scenic highway, but Ton thought it was very scenic.

After we left we took a beautiful drive from Colorado Springs to Leadville on US-24. The road from Colorado Springs to Buena Vista is not officially a scenic highway, but Ton said while it may not be an official scenic highway, it was a scenic highway in her books. At one point there are 5 14,000 foot plus mountains in front of you and it is spectacular. The road from Buena Vista to Leadville is an official scenic highway and we enjoyed it immensely, though Ton wasn’t as sure it was as scenic as the earlier parts of the road.

There are 5 14,000 foot peaks that make for great vistas.

Our purpose in arriving in Leadville so early were to meet two other couples. Rick and Kathy Howe have taken a Tiger RV over 5 continents and have visited 65 countries. They are one of the inspirations for our current travels. Fred and Denise Cook helped us when we were deciding on purchasing Scout and we have gotten many ideas for technical improvements to our RV’s from them.

The old hotel in Leadville. It is an interesting old gold mining town that has a cool vibe to it.

After hooking up in Leadville we headed out for lunch at a Cuban Restaurant. The food was good and we began what would turn out to be a fun afternoon of exchanging ideas for improving our trucks and travel stories.

Parked up for the night on BLM land above Leadville. The truck on the left belongs to Fred and Denise.

After lunch we decided to convoy out to the country above Leadville and find a place to boondock for the night together. The three of us parked together and then spent the rest of the afternoon sharing experiences traveling. It was fascinating to hear Rick and Kathy’s stories of traveling around Africa and Europe. Fred is a former US Ambassador who served throughout the world and he and Denise also have very interesting stories of there travels throughout Latin America and Africa.

The wildflowers were out in force where we parked.

We finished the day with a dinner. The final highlight was singing Fred happy birthday and sharing some cake before turning in for the night.

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