August 24, 2015 Reno NV

Ron had once read that US 50 thru Nevada was the loneliest road in America.  Great Basin is on US 50 so we got to drive it today.  To tell the truth it was not that lonely.  We probably passed about 100 cars over the 250 miles.  There are only three towns on the route and very few structures in between so it is pretty far between people.  The road crosses 7 or 8 mountain ranges with passes in the 6500 to 7300 feet, in between are large valleys on average about 30 miles across which are at 6000 feet.  It was a pretty interesting drive, but not that lonely.

We planned to stop in Reno for the night at a Casino.  It was a parking lot park with no soul, but it turned out to be interesting.  We got there early and had time to catch the second half of the Timbers Soccer game which was a disaster, but there was something interesting going on.  As we have traveled thru the west in the summer you encounter lots of European tourists in RV’s.  Today at the casino we witnessed one of the places where they pick up the RV’s and observed the process of orienting them and having them practice driving the RV’s.  It was kind of fun to watch them learn the in’s and out’s of slides, levelers, dumping their tanks, and driving a vehicle which is the size of a commercial truck in Europe.  We also noticed that a lot of the campers had colorfully and unconventionally designed bicycles, it turns out that they are heading to Burning Man.

The loneliest road in the United States.

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