June 18, 2021 Las Vegas NV

We shifted hotels this morning. Vegas is back as hotel availability for the weekend was very limited and the prices were high. Luckily we can stay at the temporary lodging at the Air Force Base. The Air Force has nice facilities compared to the other services and our room here is just as nice as the hotel we spent the last two nights in.

Alex had to work, and today was field day, which includes being able to dunk your teacher so he would have to go home and change out of his wet clothes. We agreed to meet at the same brewery where we had done trivia as their parking lot was very Scout friendly. Also, the beer is good.

Our main purpose was to watch the local hockey team on television. Alex is a die hard Golden Knights fan and lives and dies by their performance. Tonight was the third game of the play off series with Montreal. The Knights dominated the whole game, but Montreal’s goalie kept them in the game, with less than 2 minutes to go the Knights were leading 2-1 and seemed to have the game in the bag. Unfortunately, the Knights goalie committed a giant blunder and allowed the tying goal much to the dismay of Alex and all of the other fans in the bar. Montreal than came out in overtime and quickly scored the winning goal. It was a heartbreaking night for Alex and most of Las Vegas.

During the drive over the thermometer on Scout registered 118 degrees.

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