October 13, 2017 Pendleton OR

Today we started our trip in our rental RV which has been named Elephant for the trip.  It is a 30 ft Cruise America Rental RV.  It is certainly a different driving experience than Scout, much wider and also slower to turn.  

Joining us on the trip this time are three of Ton’s best friends from Thailand.  They are three sisters Jeap, Noi, and Dang.  This will be their first time traveling in an RV so it should be an interesting experience for them.

We left early expecting a slow start with Portland traffic, but got a lucky surprise and shot out of Portland pretty much without slowing down.  As we left Portland we ran into the after effects of the major fire which had burned in the Columbia River Gorge for a significant part of August and September.  It has left quite a mark, and roads and parks in the gorge are still closed due to the after effects.

For the day we made stops in Hood River at a nice orchard, and walked around downtown Pendleton.  The girls enjoyed the cowboy town and the turn of the 20th century architecture in Pendleton. We also stopped at the Pendleton Woolen Mills which is one of the landmarks of Pendleton.

Double rainbow in the Columbia River Gorge.

Tonight we are staying at Emigrant Ridge State Park where it apparently snowed seven inches last night.  The camp host assured us that things were going to return to normal, even though it was flurrying when he told us this.  We are going to give the Cruise America heater a good test tonight.

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