June 15 2021 Cedar City UT

We were both up early and were on the road before 9am. I slept pretty well last night despite the heat, possibly because I was tired from all of the activity at the Rally.

The agricultural area following the Colorado River.

The begining of our drive was thru a valley irrigated by the Colorado River. It is always a little surreal to see the intense green of the agriculture along the river as you travel thru a vast desert. Right before the Utah line we left the Colorado River valley and were treated to a couple of hundred miles of spectacular Utah vistas.

One of the many amazing views along I-70 in eastern Utah.

As we were driving thru Utah we were discussing the difference between the views in Utah and in Colorado. Both states are justly famous for their natural beauty, and though they are next to each other the difference couldn’t be starker. Colorado is about green snow capped mountains stretching off forever. Utah is about rugged desert mountains with erosion carved pinnacles. After some discussion we both agreed that we preferred Utah.

A man made waterfall above Cedar City designed in the 20’s to reduce the silt in the river.

Tonight we are at a campground in a canyon above Cedar City. When we arrived the outside temperature in Scout showed 104 degrees so we wimped out and are staying in a commercial campground and running our AC.

These teens were beating in the heat by swimming in the pond below the waterfall.

After things cooled down we took a short walk to a man made waterfall near the campground. It is also apparently the local swimming hole as a bunch of teens were cooling off in the water. It was still in the high 80’s so we headed back to Scout to rest for the evening.

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