August 5, 2017 Wanapum SP

The plan for the first day was to head from Portland taking Forest Service Road 25 and US-12.  FS-25 is a summer only road that goes between Mt. Adams and Mt. St. Helens. We were looking for a new way to head east and this was new to us.  FS-25 was a very rough road built just for Tigers.  While paved there were areas of very high disrepair that required paying attention to what was going on.  The drive was pretty but the views were spoiled by the intense smoke we are currently getting in the Pacific Northwest.  A combination of a severe heat wave and very large wild fires in British Columbia made for very poor air quality and visibility. 

A very smoky Mt. St. Helens.

In typical Corbin fashion we blew threw Yakima, Ron missed the campground and ended up driving an extra hour until we spotted Wanapum State Park.  A little pricey compared to the Forest Service Campground we planned to stay in but having full services is nice as it was in the mid 90’s when we pulled in, so the AC is getting a test run tonight.

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