October 28, 2021 Port Townsend WA

We have not been out in quite a while. Covid restrictions and life have kept us at home. But our good friends Cory and Ovi have been moving around the Pacific Northwest in their Tiger so we decided we needed to get out and see them. We have been keeping track of them as they have moved around and when they landed in one of our favorite areas and the weeks of rain we have been getting was forecast to change to sun for a few days, we decided to go and see them in Scout.

The drive north was in a torrential rain fall as the sun is not going to arrive until tomorrow. The only thing interesting on the drive was me getting in a fight with Greta Garmin as she decided to route us on a 15 mile country road side trip only to put us back on the freeway we had been happily going down for the previous 150 miles.

We met Cory and Ovi at a nice beach side park with great views of the Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains, except with the rain the visibility was only a couple of miles. But since the point was to catch up with them the rain did not matter. After a nice lunch and a bottle of wine and a lot of catching up Ovi and I decided to take a quick walk up into an old coast defense fort despite the rain. We returned soaked through much to the amusement of Cory and Ton who had continued their talk in the warm and dry Tiger while we were gone.

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