August 12, 2018 San Francisco CA

Today we played tourists in San Francisco.  We headed into the city early to beat the traffic and headed to the Embarcadero area.  We lived in the “Bay Area” in the late 90’s so had done the San Francisco tours in the past with visitors.  We were trying to convince our friends that they did not need to do this.  Luckily they insisted as we really enjoyed ourselves.

We covered the Embarcadero area in detail, and hit a couple of the big tourist sites along the water front.  It was a beautiful day so we had nice views of the bay.  As we kept walking we visited the Ghiradelli chocolate factory for an ice cream sundae.

Ton liked this painting from a small museum on the Embarcadero.

We ended the day at the palace of fine arts which Ton and I had never visited.  It was built for the world exposition in 1913 it is quite impressive and fortunate to be still around.  Originally it was built to only last for the exhibition, but people loved it so much they decided to keep it.  Over time some of the love faded and the maintenance deteriorated, during World War II the army took over as it was located on military property, and used it as a motor vehicle maintenance area.  After the war it had deteriorated to the point where they considered tearing it down, but fortunately did not.

Tourists. Alcatraz on the horizon in the background.

All of our touristing around resulted in a new step record for our friend of 30,000 steps in one day, so we decided to reward ourselves with some Chinese food for dinner.  It was a really nice day.

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