February 5, 2018 Joshua Tree NP

Today we visited one of our favorite national parks.  Ton really loves cactuses and Joshua Trees.  It was originally in our plans for the trip with our friends last fall, but we cut it out due to time constraints, so we decided to head over on our way to the coast.  

Near our campsite in Joshua Tree.

The drive took a little longer than we thought, and we ended up driving around for over an hour looking for a place to spend the night.  At that point Ron realized that we probably needed fuel, so we ended up driving back out into town to the Marine Base to get fuel.  The fuel there was 50 cents a gallon cheaper than in town.

Part of the trip was along an old section of Route 66.

We got back to our campsite just in time for sunset, and had a nice walk shooting pictures of the sunset, rocks and Joshua tree’s.  It was also fantastic weather, clear and 79 degrees, so for the first time on the trip we will not need the heater.

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