February 8, 2018 Camp Pendleton CA

We had a slow start to the day.  One of the things about staying on a military base is that sometimes you share your campground with Marines training.  This morning a platoon of amtracks (a floating armored personnel carrier) went thru the camp.  

Going thru the campground.
They then took off down the beach.

We headed over to Oceanside for the afternoon we shared a fish and chips lunch at a nice restaurant.  We then had a nice walk thru town and down to the pier.  A lot of California coastal towns have piers, and Oceanside’s is nice, and not quite as commercial as some of the others.

The Oceanside pier.

We watched the surfers for a while from the pier.  Ton pointed out one older gentlemen mixed in with all of the younger surfers.  After a while though it was clear the old guy was by far the best surfer.  

Old guys rule!

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