February 9, 2018 Camp Pendleton CA

Today was a travel day.  We got up early and tried to clean some of the sand from Scout.  Parking directly on the beach is really great, but it comes with a ton of sand which managed to get everywhere.  Ton did a great job chasing most of it out, but will probably take another shot at it this afternoon.

The downside of being on the beach is sand everywhere inside.  Not much of a downside.

We were up early and had another visit from the local Marines.  This time a company of Marines were using the beach in front of us for physical training.  All of the women in the campground were fascinated to watch the women Marines in the unit doing the training alongside their male counterparts, and I think the mother in all of them came out a little bit.  I know the women Marines would not want to be treated any other way.

Physical Training on the beach, just like their recruiter promised.

We reluctantly departed our ocean front property, and headed out into southern California traffic.  Ron was a bit under the weather so we were focused on getting down the road.  

One of the weird things about driving around in the Mojave is that fairly frequently you come across these large airports with hundreds of mothballed airplanes parked there.  This one was near Adelanto.

Airliners stored in the desert.

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