June 11, 2019 Maastricht NE

Today we departed Germany after 34 days.  Germany was an easy place to travel, we enjoyed the country.  It is a well organized and well run country.  Ton enjoyed a lot of cities particularly Bamberg, Mainau, Lubeck, and the northern romantic road cities of Dinkelsbuhl, Rothenburg, and Wurzburg.  I tended to lean a little more to the old East German cities of Lubeck, Schwerin, and Leipzig.  We drank a lot of beer and while we had many good ones, we also had a lot of mediocre beer which was disappointing.  The food is hearty and filling but not particularly interesting though we did gain an appreciation of sauerkraut.

Even the statues drink beer in Germany.

Today we needed a work day, so we took advantage of the lower gas and grocery prices in Germany to fill up François before we departed.  After arriving at our campground we got a load of laundry done. 

When we were done we only had time for a quick walk thru the town outside of the campground.  As this was our only day in the Netherlands we did what all good tourists do, we explored a grocery store to compare the inventory and prices with the other countries we have visited.  The little suburb outside our campground was really well tended and clean which really is the stereotype of the Netherlands.

Our short walk thru the village was full of well tended homes like this one.  

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