June 5, 2019 Schwerin GE

Once again we feel like we are running out of time for the trip.  We spent last night setting out priorities because we came to the conclusion that we did not have time to see everything we wanted to see.  The first thing we struck from the list is Berlin.  Ton has been there a couple of times already, and the parking for François did not look very appealing.  We were thinking of a trip following the Rhine but that is gone, or will be reduced to one or two cities.  Having a feel for what we did want to  see we made the decision to take a big drive on the autobahn to get up to the Baltic Sea coast of Germany.

Our drive today was 420 kilometers which is one of the biggest in our European trips.  We chose to use the autobahn thinking that we would cover that distance in about 5 hours.  The autobahns are very similar to our interstates and you can usually count on a pretty steady speed, but not today.  There was a tremendous amount of construction going on along our route so we spent a lot of time in long lines of trucks with frustrated BMW’s and Mercedes darting amongst the slow traffic trying to get to open highway.  At one point the road came to a complete halt and we sat in place for 30 minutes, when we got back up to speed we had no idea why we had stopped as there was no sign of an accident or construction.

We arrived in Schwerin about an hour later than we planned, and found a nice marina/Wöhnmobilplatz (another word for aire in German).  Schwerin is a lake front town and looks nice from the marina so we decided to head that way, Just as we were leaving to head into town we noticed what looked like a thunderstorm building in the distance.  We decided to head back to François and wait out the storms.  So really there is nothing much to report today besides our long drive.

The Marina, with a thatch roof boat house in the background.

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