June 8, 2019 Bremen GE

There was a pretty violent thunderstorm last night that lasted a couple of hours.  I think as a result we both woke up early and decided to get out of Hamburg before the traffic got bad, so we were on the road before 7am.  

Ton had Bremen on her list of must see places because she had read that Germans vote the people from Bremen as the friendliest in Germany.  That was enough for her to make it a must stop site for us.  We decided to take a walking tour put on by the tourist information office.  The guide was a local lady who told us she was afraid to speak English 10 years ago, but she decided in her 40’s to study and now gives tours about her home town in English.  

The Glockenspiel in Bremen is made of Meissen Porcelain and celebrates great aviators and sailors.

Bremen as a port town and aircraft manufacturing city was heavily bombed during WWII but the town hall, and a section of town called the Schnoor (string in English) survived intact.  The town hall is a UNESCO site and has a typical renaissance facade which is incredibly intricate and ornate.  The Schnoor was a working class neighborhood for the history of the city and as a result there are a lot of older homes from the 15th thru the 19th centuries that have mostly been turned into tourist shops and restaurants. 

The town hall is a UNESCO site and was intact at the end of the WWII so it is one of the best actual examples of buildings from that era in Germany.

Bremen has a well developed tourist infrastructure, and even early in the season was quite busy.  We enjoyed the tour and then just walking around town.  

The Schnoor an interesting part of Bremen with original examples of working class homes from the 15th thru the 19th centuries

We decided to treat ourselves out to dinner, and were looking at historical German restaurants when Ton said exactly what I was thinking, “lets get something beside German”, so we ended up with an excellent (and large) Greek dinner before heading back to François for the night.

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