May 24, 2019 Rothenburg ob der Tauber GE

We have visited a lot of walled towns in Europe, but Rothenburg is now the one that is the most striking.  For Americans who are thinking of Europe Rothenburg would be the kind of town that springs to mind.  The old town is surrounded by a wall with over 40 towers, and several medieval gates that are still in use for cars.

The pedestrian entrance to Rothenburg, cars use the bridge on the right.

Inside the walls the buildings are really well cared for, and there are buildings from every era from the 1300’s up to the 20th century.  But the different aged buildings are blended well together and for us add to the architectural interest of the town.

An example of the different aged buildings and architecture.

It has been a fortified town since around the 7th century and the name translated is the Red Castle on the Tauber.  The castle is gone and replaced with a garden, but the walls remain.  The walls on one side of the town overlook the Tauber River, and the views are really picturesque with forests, orchards, fields and the river stretching into the distance.

Looking from the old castle site across the valley to the other side of town.  

We took two passes thru the town in the afternoon and the evening.  The walk in the afternoon was along the walls, and in a lot of areas you could actually walk along the battlements and look down on the moat.  In most towns those areas are closed off to the public, but here all you have is a sign that says the walls are not to modern design and you should be surefooted and not subject to vertigo if you climb them.

An example of the old battlements along the wall that are still open to the public if you are surefooted and not suffering from vertigo.

In the evening we walked the main street of town and towards the gate away from the Tauber.  We met another nice couple from Thailand and shared experiences traveling thru Europe with them.  There is a night watchman tour offered at 8pm and we were thinking of going on that but when we arrived at the square there were easily 100 people waiting for the tour, nearly all of them American.  It turned out there was only 1 watchman to lead the tour and we decided that the guide to tourist ratio was way to high to enjoy the tour so we headed back to François for the night.

The watchman of Rothenburg getting ready to begin his duty with 100 mostly Americans in tow.

The last two nights we have ended up parked next to a nice English couple.  They were sitting out  when we got back, so we chatted with them for a while.  They have really disconnected from the news, so we ended up telling them that Theresa May had resigned as the Prime Minister of England.  The other highlight of the day was that for the first time on the trip Ton got to wear shorts, and we had to open the windows on François to cool him down.  

The old city mill, now a youth hostel.

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