May 26, 2019 Bamberg GE

Had a rushed start to the day.  Part of our daily routine is for me to get up and make a cup of coffee.  When that is done I take a short walk so Ton can have some privacy while she gets dressed and makes herself beautiful.  This morning as I was leaving the parking lot we spent the night in I realized that a bunch of people in yellow vests were taping off the entrance to the parking lot and the entrance road.  I finally understood that the Würzburg Marathon was going to run right thru the parking lot we were in, so I rushed back to François and hurried Ton to get dressed before we were blocked in for the day.

As we were getting ready to set off we had to decide where to head for the day.  We have been having an ongoing debate about whether to go to Nuremberg.  We have read great things about it, but it is a pretty big city, and the options for parking François were pretty unappealing.  We had continued the debate last night without coming to a decision whether to go to Nuremberg and then Bamberg, or straight to Bamberg.  As we were getting ready to roll I asked Ton, and she said Bamberg much to my relief.

The old mill in Bamberg on the Regnitz River.

Bamberg is another World Heritage Site, with the bonus of reportedly having the most breweries per person in the world.  Bamberg was a must see for us.  Because of our early start, and allowing Greta Garmin to use the Autobahn we arrived in Bamberg before 10am.

The Rathaus (Town Hall) in Bamberg, the story is that the town would not provide land for the Rathaus so the Mayor built it in the river.

We have been struggling with Germany a bit.  The cities are pretty, clean, and well organized.  The people have been universally helpful and nice.  But for us it has been less sanuk (for non-Thai’s a word that speaks to a feeling of fun, and spontaneity) than either Spain or France.  As an example last night at the bridge had the feeling of sanuk right up to sunset when everyone packed up and left at once.  On top of that; the beer (and this will sound heretical to many) has been mediocre since Munich.  In Germany’s defense the weather has not been helpful with days and days of cold and rain.   Last night we talked of heading to Poland and cutting Germany short.

The party on the bridge in Würzburg, 30 minutes later it was done.

But Bamberg does have all of the things that we have been looking for.  The town is really pretty and easy to move around.  The tourist information offered a beer map with 65 breweries listed in English.  

One of the 65 Breweries in Bamberg.

They even have a coupon book that allows you to visit different breweries and get their house choice beer.  We tried two today, and they were really good beers restoring our faith in German beer  The sun was out and we enjoyed walking around and people watching.  We even found some more Thai to talk to on the street.  There have been a lot more Thai in Germany than in France or Spain.

That’s what I am talking about.

Every place we sat down someone tried to engage us in conversation which was really nice.  When we got back to the campground we extended our stay for another day to check out some other breweries that the locals told us about.

Another view of the Rathouse in Bamberg one of my favorite buildings so far in Germany.

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