May 28, 2019 Kulmbach GE

Today was a pretty easy day.  After Ton had one more luxury shower at the campground we headed into town to do some shopping at a Lidl and a Rewe that were conveniently next to each other in town.

Once François’ shelves were restocked we headed down the autobahn towards another Frankish town called Kulmbach.  While we are technically in Bavaria the area we have been in since Rothenburg are inhabited by a people called Franks who will tell you they are not Bavarian by choice.  It appears to be a friendly rivalry,  but they do make a point of telling you at every opportunity that while administratively they are in Bavaria they do not consider themselves Bavarian.

We arrived at the aire in Kulmbach after Greta decided to test my driving skills by sending us right thru the center of town complete with narrow one lane roads with cars parked on both sides.  After settling in we headed over to the nearby beer museum.

The museum is located on the grounds of Mohnschof Brewery and is really quite a museum.  It looks like they built a new brewery on site, and took the old brewery including all of the equipment and built a really fascinating beer museum.

A shot of the interior of the new brewery that replaced the one that became the museum.

 The museum winds up three floors of the old brewery and then across and back down three more floors.  It covers everything from the history of beer, and variations of beer around the world.   It shows everything you want to know about how to make beer from farming the main ingredients, brewing using the old brewery equipment to demonstrate how,  to transporting the finished product.  

The old brewery equipment that was replaced by the stuff above.

Needless to say we were in heaven.  We spent altogether over 2 hours working our way thru the museum even though all of the displays and information are in German.

Really cool storage barrel, not sure if it was ever actually used to store beer.

If the signs were in English or we could read German we might still be there.  The tour ended with a well deserved glass of beer.

They had a great collection of beer steins back almost 100 years.
Ton really liked this ad from the beer museum.  The caption means The Reward.

As good and extensive as this museum is, it is not even the largest in the area. Tomorrow we will be visiting the largest beer museum in the world according to the Guinness book of world records.  

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