November 9, 2019 San Remo IT

We have made our way over to the Mediterranean Sea again at Sanremo.  This is the last city we plan to stay at in Italy before heading back into France.  We woke up early when the electricity we were plugged into decided to stop working, this causes the refrigerator to sound an alarm.  I got up and switched over to propane but the damage was done and we were both wide awake at 6am.  After laying around for a few minutes we decided to get up and get an early start for our drive.

This is an Ape on the dock in Sanremo, a three wheel utility vehicle that reminds Ton of a common Thai vehicle called a  Tuk Tuk.  

We started the day with bright sunshine around Turin, but as we headed towards the coast we passed over a pretty high mountain pass and it got dark and rained a bit, even more concerning the temperature had fallen to the high 30’s.  Fortunately as we headed down to the coast the sun popped out and the temperature climbed into the high 50’s.

Sanremo is a pretty coastal town.  The drive down into Sanremo was a bit of an adventure as Greta got us off of the main road and we had to squeeze down some narrow roads until we got to downtown.  I am getting better at realizing when Greta is picking a bad route and ignoring her, but she got me this time.

A women ocean going rowing team exiting the harbor in Sanremo.

After getting settled in we headed into town to check out the city and to get our experience of the Italian Riviera.  The city is pretty, we decided to check out the casino that Sanremo is famous for, but when we were told we had to check our back packs we decided it was not worth the effort.

The Casino in Sanremo.

The next stop was the waterfront where we ambled along the breakwater looking at the yachts and the working boats.  There was an impressive array of yachts ranging from upper middle class to billionaire.  Ton was most impressed with the fishing boats.

This is a two or three hundred foot yacht belonging to some billionaire, Ton thought it was ugly.

Our last walk was up the hill thru the old Sanremo to the church which had a great view of the town and the sea.  The interior of the church was prettier than the exterior indicated it would be.  Just as we emerged from the church a big thunderstorm broke over the town.  We were not prepared for rain because I convinced Ton it was not going to rain!  We dashed from shelter to shelter until we got down to the main road.  I saw the bus back to the campground just down the street stuck in traffic, we were able to jog down the sidewalk and get to the bus stop before the bus.  The rain was pretty intense on the drive back and we got off the bus we dived into a grocery store to wait out the storm before finally heading back to François for the night.

A rainbow to reward us for our unexpected soaking in Sanremo.

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