April 21, 2022 Sens FR

The jet lag kicked in and we ended up sleeping until after 10 am. Yesterday when I opened the door to the service area for François the handle came off in my hand. We had planned on spending the day in Sens to recover, get our shopping done, and get our shots loaded into the French government health system so we could get a QR code with our shot information on it. Not an exciting day but a necessary one.

The first stop was back to Eurocamping cars to show them the broken handle. I told Ton that we would probably have to come back in a couple of days after they ordered the part and it came in. But, much to our surprise they had one in stock, so we were on our way in less than an hour.

Our next stop was Auchan for a first pass at groceries. Ton had already planned on a stop at Auchan and Lidl as she has learned what she likes to buy from each one.

After Auchan we headed over to a pharmacy to get our Contolle´Sanitaire´. This is a QR code built into an app which Europe uses in place of the shot cards we use in the US. While there are currently no restrictions in place in France and the Contolle´ Sanitaire´is not being used we are not sure what the future might bring so we decided to get enrolled. The other advantage is the QR code is recognized thru out Europe so we do not have to deal with the different rules from country to country on the US shot cards.

The pharmacist told us it would take an hour so we headed off to Lidl to complete our shopping. When we went back to the pharmacy the Shot passports were waiting and the pharmacist walked us thru downloading the app.

Our not very exciting day ended up back at the Aire in Sens where Ton prepared a nice meal, followed by a short walk to check out the other RV’s. Some days are full of exciting places, and others are days where you buy food and get enrolled in government programs!

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