November 9, 2023 Beaune FR

Another day focused on covering distance. We traveled about 380 kilometers all but about 30 of which was in medium to heavy rain, so it was not a very fun day.

A shot out the window of the port in Lyon. I was worried about passing thru Lyon as it is the second biggest city in France, but today despite the rain traffic was good and we were thru without delay.

There is not much else to talk about. I picked Beaune as the stopover today as it was a good distance north and a town we had good memories of. It was the place we spent our second night in a RV in France. It is a beautiful town with a lot of interesting historic sites, and great wine.

The town hall in Beaune.

With the rain the photographer in the family was not motivated to walk into town, so we hunkered down and had a big meal. We have a lot of food to eat in the next few days so we had a big meal and a bottle of wine. I took a quick walk into town but was quickly driven back to François and Ton when another shower came down. The rest of the evening was spent vegging in front of screens watching movies.

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