May 19, 2021 Lake Havasu City AZ

We had a debate about whether to stay another day. We booked two nights at the State Park, but we had no idea that the temperatures would be over 100 degrees. I called the reservation for the Arizona State Park system and they told us no same day cancellations so our debate ended.

The main attraction in Laughlin

So we decided to get the London Bridge out of the way before it got too hot. We headed down there about 1030 am and it was already 93F. Our initial reaction on arriving at the Bridge was is that it? They had some shops around one end of the bridge with a British theme. There were a lot of vendors renting boats, jet skis, and selling river cruises. The one that got our attention was a floating bar that went out on a two hour cruise. This one tempted us as we have never seen a floating bar before.

The floating bar we were tempted to sign up for.

When we got to the end of the waterfront we saw a sign for a water taxi to the Indian Casino on the California side of the river, and the cost was only $2 per person roundtrip. This is our kind of river cruise so after a quick lunch we were on our way to California.

The view of the harbor at Lake Havasu from the water taxi.

The ride over was nice and the combination of being on the water and the breeze from the boat cooled things down nicely. The casino was very small but it was the first non-smoking casino we have ever been to so it was the cleanest we have ever seen. After sipping on a beer we headed back to Lake Havasu.

Maybe the weirdest tourist attraction in the US.

We ended the day at a local brewery at the airport called Hangar 24. The beer was good and we soaked up their air conditioning for a couple of hours while sipping on a single beer. As we were thinking about leaving a country music duet started up. They had just moved here from Oregon and were just as shocked with the heat as we were. We enjoyed a set of their music before we had to head back and set Scout up for the evening.

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